Town & Country Ford is proud to be Louisville's premier one-stop Ford destination. Located just a few miles from Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant, we're especially appreciative of the contributions Ford employees have made to us and our communities. For this reason, we're pleased to be able to offer Ford A, X, and Z Plan pricing for Ford employees, family, friends, neighbors, suppliers, and affiliates.

Who is Eligible for Special Plan Pricing?

A and Z Plans

Ford's A-Plan is for Ford employees, while the Z-Plan is for former employees. Because the programs offer similar discounts, they are often counted together as the A/Z plan. Eligible A/Z-Plan recipients include:

  • Active full-time Ford employees
  • Regular part-time hourly and salaried Ford employees eligible to receive medical benefits
  • Salaried Ford retirees under the General Retirement Plan
  • Surviving spouses of salaried Ford employees or retirees
  • Ford Employees on layoff for the first 12 months of the layoff
  • Immediate family members, including Spouses, Parents, Children (including in-laws and step-children), Grandchildren, Siblings, Domestic Partners, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, and Nephews.

X Plan

X-Plan pricing applies to two groups:

  • Ford Partner Recognition X-Plan: A discount for companies that do business with Ford

  • Friends & Neighbors X-Plan: A discount for friends and neighbors sponsored by a Ford employee.

How Are the Discounts Calculated?

  • Ford A and Z Plans: Invoice - Holdback - Advertising Fee + $275 program fee

  • Ford X Plan: Invoice - 0.4% + $275 program fee

How Can I Get Ford A, X, or Z Plan Pricing?

Special plan pricing requires a unique PIN. To learn more about the program and register for your PIN, click here. If you have any questions about these plans or other financing options, please contact Town & Country Ford at your convenience. We'll be happy to assist you.

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