1. Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)

Our Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) have been endorsed as a MotorTrend® Recommended Best Buy. EasyCare is designed to enhance your overall ownership experience and having served more than 7 million customers, you can count on EasyCare to be there when you need us.

More about EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts:
• Fully insured by a licensed insurance company
• Proven and tested world class claims authorization and payment
• Transferable for increased vehicle resale value
• Renewable for whatever coverage your vehicle is eligible for at time of your contract's expiration


2. GAP Insurance

Buying a car opens doors to new experiences and unforgettable memories, but it also opens doors to potential unexpected expenses. Our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage protects you from paying large out-of-pocket expenses for the "gap" between your insurance settlement and the balance of your loan in case your vehicle is totaled or stolen. 

3. Exterior/Interior Protection

Preserve the beauty of your new car, SUV or Truck with ResistALL NG2 appearance protection