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If you live in Louisville or the surrounding area, then words such as "first-rate" and "quality" are not only a part of your vocabulary; they're standards that you've come to expect from your community, and they're what you'll find here at Town and Country Ford. Louisville has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the American way of life, and you'll find this tradition is practiced with passion when you come and visit Town and Country Ford. It's no secret that Ford has been an American tradition for well over a century. Rugged, independent, and uncompromising, their fleet contains a wide range of vehicles that speak to the free spirit in all of us. While there are plenty of dealerships in the area that we call home, Town and Country Ford possesses the necessary expertise to help you choose the ideal Ford vehicle for you and your family.

A black 2020 Ford Explorer Limited is shown from the side driving on a mountain road.

Keep on Trucking

1917 was a pivotal year for world events. In Europe, America officially entered World War One. Stateside, the very first Ford pickup truck rolled off the assembly line. Known as the Model TT, the truck had a payload capacity of one ton, which is rather impressive even by today's standards. While technology has evolved in the past 100 years, the Ford truck's pedigree and lineage have only grown stronger. It's no secret that Ford trucks are some of the most revered vehicles on the road and that their owners don't need much encouragement to sing of their praises.

Ford Ranger

The Ranger is the quintessential "little engine that could." While not as large as some of the other popular trucks on the road, the Ranger has a lineage dating back to 1983. The earliest models had four different engine choices available, which meant there was a Ranger especially formulated for the tasks you have. The latest models have a turbocharged EcoBoost engine with fire in its heart, letting the Ranger continue to function as one of the most versatile trucks in the country.

A black 2021 Ford Ranger is shown from a low angle parked in a field on a cloudy day.

Ford F-150

When it comes to the lineage and history of the pickup truck, the Ford F-150 needs little introduction, as it's one of the most well-known Ford vehicles. The F-150 made its first appearance in 1975. Since then, the truck has gone on to become a dependable workhorse and provided a platform for technological innovation. In recent years, the F-150 has showcased many innovations in driver-assist technology, and with every year that passes, it's apparent that the F-150 matures like fine wine–it only gets better with age.

An SUV You Need

While the pickup truck has a long-standing reputation as the workhorse of the working class, the SUV has surpassed its former levels of popularity to become the ideal family vehicle. Exhibiting the performance and prowess of a pickup with the spacious comfort of a full-size luxury sedan, the SUV now comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that are tailor-made for family, work, or play. Ford continues to develop its ever-growing fleet and shows no sign of ceasing anytime soon.

Ford Explorer

Although the SUV's popularity hasn't shown any sign of dissipating, some might be interested to know that the Explorer predates many of the popular makes and models on the road today. Making its debut in 1991, the Explorer was a new type of vehicle that gave the modern family room for passengers and top-rated performance courtesy of a V8. The Explorer is still in production and the ideal SUV that all others are measured against.

Ford Escape

For many years, the Explorer was the smallest type of SUV on the market. However, as the segment gained more popularity, a smaller model was needed for those drivers who wanted the convenience of an SUV yet weren't up to the task of handling something larger than a car. The Escape is an SUV scaled down and perfect for city dwellers who, much like the title suggests, need to escape from civilization on their weekends.

Ford Cars to Go Far

You may have noticed fewer and fewer Ford cars on the road these days. While the production of them has been gradually rolled back due to public demand for more trucks and SUVs, some drivers still prefer a four-door sedan or hatchback. Of course, Ford's reputation for its cars is almost legendary. From the days of the Model T to the Mustang, Falcon, Taurus, and Focus, there are too many historic Ford cars to name. Chances are, no matter what type of driver you are, there's a Ford that's ideal for your day-to-day use.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of the most versatile sedans on the market today. First introduced in 2000 as a replacement for the Ford Escort, the Focus has since surpassed its predecessor in quality and reliability. If you think the Focus is merely a plain sedan for the practical-minded and possesses little in the way of frills–think again! With an available RS trim pumping out 350 ponies through a six-speed manual transmission, you'll be changing lanes along with the conceptions of what a sedan is capable of. Whether you decide to stick with the sedan or opt for the hatchback model, you won't be disappointed with the choice you've made.

A new addition to your Ford Louisville dealer, a blue 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition, is shown parked on a runway.

Ford Mustang

Some vehicles need a proper introduction to explain their significance and function to the public at large. Not this one. The Ford Mustang needs very little in the way of introduction. Dating back to 1964, when it made its debut at the World's Fair, the Mustang has since raced across the finish line in multiple contests as one of the shining examples of vintage Americana.

From the Mach 1 and the Boss 429 to the trims of today, the Mustang has existed in a variety of forms that meet the personality and individual needs of Ford's many drivers. The modern Mustang isn't just for adrenaline junkies and racers; it's a car with economical options and a lineage that commands respect from everyone. Everyone needs to make a daily commute. Now, you can look incredible doing so.

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