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Whether you’re looking for a new vehicle or you have no need for your current vehicle anymore, you may be wondering if it’s time to finally sell your car. After all, with the high demand for used cars nationwide and top dollar offers for vehicles in favorable condition, now is the best time to sell, and Town and Country Ford is the best place to partner with when it comes to selling your vehicle. We make it easy to establish the value of your current vehicle through our convenient online trade-in calculator, so you’re able to know exactly what your car is worth before even visiting our dealership. Not only that, we’re happy to help you sell your current vehicle and get you the money you deserve for it to be put towards a new vehicle or something else that you’re looking to purchase. So, when it comes to selling your car, let us show you how easy it is to partner with Town and Country Ford and how we make the process absolutely effortless.

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Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership?

When it comes to selling your car, you have a number of options; however, some come with more risks than others. For instance, when you sell your car yourself, you put yourself into a situation where you may get taken advantage of when it comes to the price of the vehicle. Many vehicle owners who choose this route will most likely have to haggle with the individuals interested in buying the vehicle, and if you don’t have a clear idea of how much your car is worth, you may end up losing out. Another risk factor is not completing the sale correctly, as there are a lot of moving parts when selling a vehicle, and if you’re not well-versed in the process, you may end up in a financial predicament.

You’ll also want to watch out for who you’re selling your vehicle to and how they plan on paying you because, with all of the scammers and counterfeit money floating around, you don’t want to be a victim of a scam. This is why many vehicle owners turn to dealerships to aid them in selling their car. Not only are there fewer risks associated with partnering with a dealership, you’re also able to have the peace of mind that you’re getting a fair price for your vehicle. Many dealerships offer above-market value for vehicles that are in excellent condition, so you won’t have to worry about having to compromise or haggle on the price. You’re also able to have the assurance needed that your transaction is being completed properly by professionals who are experienced in the vehicle buying process.

Another aspect that many vehicle owners don’t take into consideration is the presentation of the vehicle when selling it. If you’re selling your vehicle yourself, you’ll want to be sure it’s in pristine condition and detailed thoroughly, because after all, who wants to buy a dirty vehicle? When you work with a dealership, they take care of all of this so that all you have to do is drive your vehicle to the lot and let the capable hands of the detailing center turn your car back into the shiny, polished vehicle it was when you bought it. They’ll even take care of repairs if needed. Although this may affect the amount of money you receive for the vehicle, depending on the repairs, it’s still easier, and oftentimes cheaper, to have this done by a dealership, as opposed to a random garage in town.

Another important thing to keep in mind is what happens after you sell your car? When you sell your vehicle yourself, you’re left without a car, which means you’ll either need to bring someone with you to the sale or arrange for a ride back home. At a dealership, you’re able to choose a new vehicle for your travel needs from a wide selection of new, used, and CPO options on our lot. We’ll go over this a little more in-depth later, but having options when it comes to your transportation needs is always a good idea, and dealerships make this part extremely easy.

When you want a seamless experience from beginning to end, selling your car to a dealership is the perfect option for many. Not only do you get to avoid potential risks associated with selling your car on your own, but you also won’t have to worry about many details of the sale when you have a professional team taking care of it all. Plus, it’s faster than selling your car yourself. It can often take many weeks or months to find the right buyer for your vehicle when selling it yourself. Selling your car to a dealership means that you’re able to complete your sale quickly and efficiently and move on with your day.A man is shown filling out paperwork at a car dealership after searching 'how to sell your car.'

What Do You Need to Do Before You Sell Your Car?

Selling your car to a dealership is a simple procedure, and it’s made even easier when you complete a couple of easy steps before you’re ready to execute the sale. For starters, it’s always a good idea to know what your vehicle is worth before visiting a dealership so that you’re knowledgeable about what trade-in value you’re willing to accept. This is made easier with online trade-in tools, like those found on our website, which provides you with an instant trade-in value so that you know how much your vehicle is currently worth. Once you have a better understanding of this value, you’re able to begin the process of selling your vehicle.

For those who still have a loan on the vehicle, getting in touch with the lender is always recommended, so you can be aware of the money still owed on the vehicle. In some instances, the dealership will offer you more money than what is currently owed on the vehicle, which will result in you making money out of the deal. The dealership may also offer you exactly what is owed on the vehicle or less, so being aware of what you still owe is imperative. Some sellers like to pay off their vehicle completely before selling it so that they increase their chances of making a profit from the sale.

Like we mentioned above, the dealership will take care of any detailing and repairs to the vehicle; however, if you’d like to make these repairs yourself, you’re welcome to do so before you bring your vehicle in to sell. We recommend getting an inspection done on your vehicle prior to making any repairs so that you’re able to address everything that potentially needs to be fixed. Many sellers choose to skip this step and opt for everything to be taken care of by the service center. Not only is this much faster, it’s easier as well.A woman is shown driving to a dealership.

What Paperwork Do You Need?

Although every state will have its own list of requirements, there are a few key items that will need to be presented at the time of the sale, no matter where you live. Proof that you either own the vehicle or that you have a loan on the vehicle will need to be shown to the finance team so that the sale can be completed. This is proven by obtaining the title of the vehicle or loan payoff amount from your lender. If the title is digital, this information can be obtained on the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. By law, a title of some sort or the loan payoff amount must be present before a vehicle can be sold.

Other documents that come in handy when selling a vehicle include any maintenance records. This helps the dealership be aware of any repairs, maintenance services, or modifications that have been made to the vehicle. Many drivers choose to keep this documentation in the glove compartment of the vehicle for easy access. A vehicle history report is also recommended; however, the dealership can also run this report for you, so you don’t have to, which is another reason to partner with a dealership like Town and Country Ford for your sale. In short, as long as the title or information from your lender is present, that’s typically the only pertinent information that is needed to complete the sale, and if you’re unsure, just call ahead, and we’ll be happy to go over this with you.

Other Options You Have When You Sell Your Car

Like we mentioned earlier, teaming up with a dealership to sell your car means that you not only get to have a better, more efficient experience, you also have options when it comes to what to do after the sale. When you choose to sell your car yourself, you’re left without a vehicle once the sale is complete, but at a dealership, you’re able to select from a wide variety of options that are ready to make your travels exceptional. When you trade your vehicle in for a new vehicle, you’re able to take advantage of perks that you won’t find when you sell your car on your own, like being able to drive off the lot in a brand-new vehicle that offers reliability, safety, style, and more. This is a major perk for many vehicle owners looking to trade up for a vehicle that’s more in line with their travel needs.

We talked about our handy online trade-in calculator earlier, and it really comes to the rescue when figuring out what your current vehicle is worth so that you know what kind of vehicle you can afford. Knowing this important piece of information makes the process even easier, and when it comes to making a decision on a vehicle, rest assured that you have many options. If a shiny new model is on your mind, we have plenty of new Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs, just waiting to drive home with you, and when you want to enjoy all of the latest tech features, designs, and capabilities, buying new just can’t be beat.

For those who desire a used vehicle, you’re not alone, and with all of the outstanding options on our lot, you’ll be sure to find the vehicle that works perfectly for your travel and lifestyle needs. Buying used is a popular choice, now more than ever, as drivers see the value they’re able to get with a car that’s more affordable and armed with the features they want. Buyers often compromise on what they want simply because the price is out of reach, but when you buy used, your options are expanded to include so many more vehicles with all of the bells and whistles you’re looking for without the hefty price tag. Plus, with our certified pre-owned models, you’re able to get an extra layer of assurance that these vehicles have met rigorous standards set forth by the brand. Low mileage vehicles that are only a couple of years old can be found in our CPO lineup, making these vehicles perfect for those who want more peace of mind with their purchase.

No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking for, it helps to have your pick from a wide selection on our lot. Not only are you able to sell your current vehicle quickly and easily, but you’re also able to get a fair price for the vehicle to put toward your next purchase. This is why so many vehicle owners turn to dealerships, like Town and Country Ford, to sell or trade-in their vehicles. With so many options for every budget, Town and Country Ford is your one-stop shop for all your buying and selling needs.

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Can I Sell My Car With a Loan Still in Place?

We talked about this briefly earlier, but now, let’s go into this in more detail. What happens when you’re still paying for your current vehicle and you want to sell it? Some drivers believe that they will need to pay off their vehicle completely before even thinking about selling it, but this isn’t the case. To start, it’s important to obtain the loan pay-off amount so that you’re aware of how much is still owed on the vehicle. You can find this information by contacting your lender.

You’ll then need to determine the vehicle’s worth, then subtract what is owed from what the vehicle is worth to discern whether or not you have equity in the vehicle. If the value is positive, you have a greater chance of making money from the sale; however, if the value is negative, you’ll need to pay the difference. Knowing this important piece of information is key to beginning the selling process. The great part about working with a dealership is that they handle all of the paperwork and all of the details of the sale so that all you need to worry about is which car you’re going to choose next.

If you’re trading your car in while still owing money on it, you’ll want to be aware of your credit score, and you’ll also want to apply for financing to know what you’re able to afford. This will help you make a more informed decision when finding the right car that’s going to add value to your travels without negatively impacting your budget. The best part about working with a dealership is that all pertinent information is handled properly by professionals instead of by novice sellers who haven’t had enough experience with selling a vehicle. At Town and Country Ford, a professional finance team is at-the-ready to assist with the various aspects of your sale so that at the end of the day, no task is left undone, and you’re able to have a successful selling experience.

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